Investment Banking

COMPASS ADVISORY PARTNERS, LLC is an industry respected, Pittsburgh-based investment banking firm. For over twenty five years, we have offered management consulting and investment banking services to the middle-market. We specialize in debt placement, financial restructuring, and merger and acquisition services. Our lending resources specialize in acquisition financing, equity capital, working capital, cash flow financing, venture capital, term debt, mezzanine, and equipment financing.

Debt Placement

Business owners usually have several options when financing a business and some options will be better than others. COMPASS ADVISORY PARTNERS helps business owners identify and locate the best loans for their businesses. We have developed an extensive network of reliable lenders, and stay on top of trends in interest rates, loan structures and fees. If requested, COMPASS will suggest and negotiate with the most appropriate lender for your company.

Financial Restructuring

It is not uncommon for businesses to restructure their loans, taking advantage of lower payments, more attractive interest rates, or a new loan type or lender. Other times, businesses need to replace debt with equity because either the bank requires it or because the business is having trouble making the loan payments. Businesses change over time, and what made sense a year or two ago may not make sense today. Regardless of your reasons for restructuring your loan(s), COMPASS can help.

Mergers and Acquisitions

The mergers and acquisitions process commonly involves soliciting transactions, valuing businesses, analyzing the business dynamics of companies and industries, determining likely buyers and sellers, and marketing, negotiating and closing transactions. COMPASS professionals have worked with publicly and privately held companies in many industries. Our specific value added business relationships and experienced deal making makes the merger and acquisition process successful.